Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our clients to adopt analytics to make better decisions, and propagate its use beyond its current confines. We aim to achieve this goal by a two pronged strategy. The first prong of this strategy is to educate the uninitiated in the several uses of analytics. We host regular training events which vary in depth and sophistication, and have something for everybody from the amateur to the seasoned practitioner. The second prong of our strategy is to help the interested adopt analytics via our consulting services. Our automation capabilities and customer centric focus allow us to offer very high quality and practical solutions at a very attractive price point, and is geared towards generating immediate value for our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Pat Bhattacharya, Founder and CEO

Pat is the founder and Managing Principal of Jigyasa Analytics. A Yale alumnus, her consulting experience covers several Fortune 500 corporations in Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Real Estate, Transportation; as well as advising market research agencies and nonprofit organizations.
Her specializations are in Marketing Optimization, Forecasting and Business Planning, Marketing Mix Modeling, Segmentation and Survey design and Analysis.
She has presented her work at several conferences including AMA, Marketing Science, NESUG, SESUG as well as at the SAS Global Forum

Krishna Mehta, Co-Founder and Principal

Krishna is co-founder and Principal at Jigyasa Analytics. A Yale alumnus, Krishna has experience consulting several Fortune 500 companies in Banking, Credit Card, Insurance, Telecommunications, Publishing, Transportation and Retail.

His areas of expertise include Customer Acquisition, Cross Sell and Upsell, Fraud Analytics, Retention Analytics, Segmentation, Experiment Design, Marketing Mix Modeling and Forecasting.

Krishna has presented his work at several conferences including Marketing Science, DMA, NCDM and NESUG and published in several industry journals like Information Management