Jigyasa’s Express Modeler for Non-Profits offering allows smaller fundraisers to benefit from the power of customized predictive analytics, that is otherwise not available to them.  The offering leverages Jigyasa’s powerful Express Modeler, automated modeling technology, and a rich in-house demographic database to churn out customized models really fast.

All the fundraiser needs to provide is a campaign list or a list of existing donors. The modeling algorithm will leverage this information to generate models that  allow the fundraiser to mail based on lists tuned to  the charities own results, not some general  market or category trend.

The best part is that since the process is automated, the turnaround is really fast and prices unbelievably low!   It is possible to go from  concept of the campaign to  having the custom modeled mailing list ready within a week. Even larger organizations can benefit from this, as they  now have the capability to revise their mail models as often as they want, without having to worry about  time delays and high development costs. For organizations, that would like Jigyasa’s highly skilled modeling team to add their personal touch to the models and fine tune them even further, that  is also available for an additional charge.

Currently this offering is available for   prospect campaigns for  Donor Response and prospect campaigns for High Value Donors.

To find out more email us at info@jigyasaanalytics.com